Breathe Easy Cabinets


Greenway Cabinetry’s new line of Breathe Easy® cabinets meet the requirements for LEED credits and LEED certification.

Breathe Easy® Cabinets are constructed of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.

• Responsibly harvested solid wood

• “Green” formaldehyde-free plywood boxes

• Non-toxic water-based glues and finishes

Cabinet boxes are constructed using Environmentally Preferable “green” solid ¾”plywood. This plywood has no formaldehyde in its binding agents and is durable as well as moisture resistant. Both sides of the plywood are maple veneered and finished with a durable UV, low VOC water borne lacquer.

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are constructed from rapidly renewable bamboo, solid woods from managed forests or sustainably designed, wood veneered MDF board. The stains and water based paints are low VOC and Green Guard or Green Seal certified. The pre cat, clear top coat is also water borne, very low VOC and certified. Detailed information may be supplied upon request.